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Every child is unique, and so are we!


We are committed to providing children with a physical education curriculum that is memorable and where high quality learning is present at all times. All of the sessions that are delivered are in line with appropriate National Curriculum Key Stages assisting with school levels of attainment. The syllabus covers a range of PE Curriculum topics, in which a variety of sports and exercises will be taught to the pupils, focusing on agility, balance, coordination and movement. The PE curriculum can also be linked into a theory based session, which will include learning about how the body works during exercise.

We at Superstar Sports understand the importance of effective planning to ensure that all children are able to make the maximum progress. Therefore, any coach, who is delivering a lesson, will use a comprehensive plan which include the following:

  • Child friendly learning objectives
  • Success Criteria
  • Differentiated activities
  • Suitable challenges for higher achieving children
  • Opportunities for assessment
  • Clear progression

As well as providing detailed planning, we will also create a curriculum overview to suit the needs of your school to ensure that the National Curriculum Objectives are taught for each year group and furthermore to ensure that there is clear a progression throughout the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

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Coaches are trained to deliver a broad and extensive PE curriculum. Superstar Sports are proud to have the capabilities to deliver 9 strands of the PE curriculum. We can provide lessons based on activities including Gymnastics, Dance, Invasion Games, Athletics, Net & Wall Games, Striking & Fielding, Multiskills, OAA and Health & Fitness.

Our coaches will deliver inspiring, engaging and challenging lessons to ensure that each child makes exceptional progress as well as promote excellent behaviour. This enables teaches to get their much need PPA time without any distractions with the added bonus of the children within the school receiving high quality coaching.

Lunchtime Clubs

Lunchtime clubs are the perfect way to keep the children in your school entertained and active throughout their lunch break. Lunchtime clubs have proved to increase participation in sport, contribute towards positive behaviour at lunchtimes as well as give all children in the school the opportunity to play with and make friends. Our enthusiastic coaches will set up games and activities for the children in your school to take part in and can even use this time to teach children important leadership skills!


Part of the sports premium initiative is driving to improve the standard of teaching in PE. What better way for the teachers of your school to learn than from a specialist coach? Superstar Sports will use their detailed and fast paced planning to work with the teachers in your school to improve the teaching of PE. Superstar Sports will lead PE lessons, team teach and observe & develop your teacher to ensure that first quality teaching is in place.

Inset Days

Want to go the extra mile for your children and parents? When important teacher training days are needed, Superstar Sports can answer all your children's active needs as well as providing childcare for your working parents! Our coaching team carry out sports sessions and activities throughout the day for the pupils in your school. This is a fantastic opportunity to partake in a variety of sports, learn new skills, have fun and keep them occupied in a safe and familiar environment! Sport for a whole day - we listen to what kids want!

Every child is unique, and so are we!
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